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Barbara Page

My Work

My work is a direct response to the Creator;  the one who created the Word.  God's Word to us, in time, and in space is something to be revered and venerated.  The very existence of God's Word is both a shout and a whisper, an invitation and a calling.  At the very least, any honest seeker should wonder how the Jewish and then Christian writings have endured.

In essence, I recreate the form and content of ancient biblical scrolls and codices.  I do this in deep appreciation of what the Creator has revealed to all of us through his Word.


Enter the gallery expectantly.  I am told time and time again that what I do is unexpected.  In most situations patrons walk through a gallery readily identifying pieces as paintings, sculptures, etc.  This has not been the case with my work - some people have a difficult time "seeing" the pieces.  A reaction that could be discouraging. For me, it is an opportunity to share the beauty of God's Word. 

10th Avenue West Studios
Village of the Arts
Bradenton, Florida  34205

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LS Hoffman Gallery
3317 Main Street
Munhall, Pennsylvania  15120

Venerated Scrolls been shown at these fine galleries:
The Dancing Crane Gallery
ofFine and Contemporary Art
1019 10th Avenue West
​Bradenton, Florida 34205